Art Commission

How it works:

1) Client will be sent a commission sheet with prices. A description is provided by the client regarding the specifics of the commission.

2) The commission will then either be accepted or denied by the artist. If the commission is accepted a final price for the commission will be provided.

3) If the client agrees to the conditions, the artist will contact the client when the commission is ready to be started, and a paypal invoice will be sent.

4) The client will need to make the payment BEFORE the commission is started via paypal.

5) The artist will then start the commission and keep the client updated throughout the process allowing for minor adjustments



Prices start from £80 and vary depending on the specifics requested


How to request a commission:

You can contact me via email at [email protected] or via instagram @chisanamun



No refunds can be requested once payment has been made and commission has been started. A full refund may be issued if commission is not completed.

Artist has the right to refuse commissions